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Labelling service

Effective advertising, exclusive

The ZOLLNER embroidery and weaving service upgrades almost any item with your insignia or logo. This creates an exclusive and first class impression on your guests and raises the profile of your hotel.


Weavings are possible in the colours of the warp and weft yarns of the respective fabric. This results in interesting two-colour and one-colour relief type weaves.

Lettering weave
You have the option of capital letters or Roman script, one or two lines as well as different placings.

Logo weave
For intial production a weaving programme is put together according to your insignia.

Weaving service
Items which can be decorated with weaving are labelled (also in the catalogue). Please discuss your weaving requirements with your professional advisor or send us a direct enquiry using the contact form.

Woven names:
Labelling of linen or clothing ordered by you with sewn-on woven names.

Prices on request. Minimum order 100 units. Lettering colour red or blue.

Standard lettering embroidery:

You have the choice of two designs and different sizes. Embroidery in both types of lettering, Roman script or block letters, is available from 15mm to 70mm lettering height without programming costs. As opposed to weaving, embroidery is possible on almost all items. Tell us your requirements.

Lettering embroidery in block letters

Lettering embroidery in Roman script

Lettering embroidery in antik

Lettering embroidery in modern

Logo embroidery:

Perfect individual design according to your template.

We supply embroidery with your logo from 24 units upwards. Clean, high-definition and attractive appearance. We will make you an offer for the programming and embroidering of your logo according to the exact required stitch count.

Send us your template with details about the required size of the embroidery.

Name badges
Smart name badge with embroidered border on white blended fabric base.


Good value labelling by printing names and original logos.